Remotion Recorder

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Create high-quality screencast videos for multiple platforms quickly.


Multi-Recorder: Record up to two webcams and two screens independently at the same time.

Layouting: Change position of the facecam after recording. Show your facecam and video at the same time or only display your video in fullscreen.

Responsiveness: Export the video as 1:1 for Twitter, 16:9 for YouTube or 9:16 for Instagram without re-editing the video.

Branding: Fully control the visual appearance by changing fonts and colors, or customize the React and CSS code.

Captioning: Automatically generate subtitles using OpenAI Whisper. Remap common mis-transcriptions using TypeScript. Manually edit the words and highlight code.

Silence removal: Automatically remove silent parts at the beginning and end of a scene.

Title and end cards: Add non-video scenes inbetween clips.

Transitions: Built-in, but customizable audiovisual transitions between scenes.

Rendering: Export the video as MP4 or in other common video formats.

What you get

You will get access to two repositories:

  1. A recorder project which you can fork and start producing videos yourself. It is a standard Remotion project with layouts implemented using customizable React components.
  2. Read-only access to our private repository which we use to produce social media content.

Third party services

We recommend storing the recorded videos using Git LFS. This might require you to buy a GitHub LFS data pack.

For transcription, you will need to install OpenAI Whisper.

Target audience

People who want to produce screencast videos and feel comfortable setting up a JavaScript project.

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Last updated September 27, 2023
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