Remotion Recorder

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The Remotion Recorder is a video production tool built entirely in JavaScript.
Create high-quality videos that feel native on each platform while only editing them once.


Recording interface that separates your webcam and display to combine them in post-processing.

Layouting that automatically maximises the screen size. Change position of the facecam after recording. Show your facecam and display at the same time or only display your webcam in fullscreen.

Responsiveness: Export the video as 1:1 for Twitter and LinkedIn and as 16:9 for YouTube.

Branding: Fully control the visual appearance by changing fonts and colors, or customize the React and CSS code.

Captions: Automatically generate captions using Whisper.cpp. Good looking word-by-word captions with automatic layout balancing. Highlight inline `code` snippets.

Caption editing: Manually fix words via an interface. Remap common mis-transcriptions with TypeScript.

Silence removal: Automatically remove silent parts at the beginning and end of a clip.

Title and end cards: Add non-video scenes inbetween clips.

Transitions: Built-in, but customizable audiovisual transitions between scenes.

B-Roll: Show footage on top of your recording while you are talking.

Music: Add music that lowers volume while you talk. Cross fade between tracks.

Chapters: Indicate a new segment in your video and display a table of contents.

Rendering: Export the video as MP4 or in other common video formats. Offload rendering to the cloud using Remotion Lambda.

What you get

  1. Access to a Remotion project which you can fork and start producing videos yourself.
  2. Access to our instance of the Recorder that we use to produce our videos. 30+ example videos
  3. 3 music tracks that you may use in your videos
  4. All future updates

Target audience

  • For people who want to own their production workflow
  • For people who know a bit of React
  • Ideal for producing screencasts and courses
  • For companies

    Remotion is free to use for individuals and small companies. If you fall in this category, you can buy the Recorder as a one-time purchase.

    If you are a larger company, you are required to subscribe to the Company License. The Recorder is complimentary with it.

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