Company license

Get a company license for Remotion and leverage our tools for creating videos in React and rendering them programmatically. Use parametrization to create personalized videos for your customers - or build a business on the foundation of Remotion.


Remember - Remotion is free to use for individuals and companies up to three people. Obtaining a company license is required only for entities ineligible for the free license. See the file on the Remotion repository for full details.

Individuals & Small teams
  • Unlimited use of Remotion
  • For teams up to 3 people
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Community support
Developer Seat
per month
  • Allows 1 developer to work on Remotion projects
  • May use Remotion on multiple local machines
  • Designated stable releases
  • Prioritized supportsee policy
  • Rendering requires at least one active license
Cloud Rendering Seat
per month
  • Rendering up to 2'000 videos in a serverless or serverside infrastructure
  • Self-setup of cloud infrastructure
  • Flexible licensing for projects and campaigns
Minimum Amount: $100/month

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What is Remotion?

Who is eligible for the free license?

Why is Remotion free for some and paid for others?

What is the difference in functionality between the free and paid version?

Who qualifies for the license?

What does prioritized support mean?

How is commercial use allowed?

We are an agency making videos for a client. Do we need a license?

Can we use Remotion in a serverless architecture?

What if these plans don't fit our use case?

When do I need to purchase a Cloud Rendering Seat?

Where is my Remotion project hosted?

What if we go beyond the usage my tier allows?

Is there a refund period?

Can we upgrade / downgrade / cancel / get a receipt?

What payment methods are accepted?

For how long do I need to maintain my license?

Is it possible to secure the pricing at its current rate?

I still have questions!

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